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Benefits of Art Education 

Research strongly suggests that young people who learn about and participate in the arts acquire skills that help them in decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork. An increasing number of studies also find that arts programs motivate children to learn, assisting in improving performance in core academic subjects. For some children, the arts provide the impetus to stay in school until graduation and, for others, the inspiration to pursue college education. 

How to Help

Monetary or material/equipment donations are very much appreciated.  We are also looking for volunteers and teachers to help with upcoming projects.  Contact us for more details at 972-741-2589.

Our Mission

Art and Beyond, Inc. is dedicated to servicing the at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth of our community to help build a strong foundation for our children’s future success by developing and implementing educational programs for the arts providing numerous opportunities to foster creative skills and to continually enhance and nurture individual creative expression. 

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