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Art and Beyond, Inc. is dedicated to servicing the at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth of our community to help build a strong foundation for our children’s future success by developing and implementing educational programs for the arts providing numerous opportunities to foster creative skills and to continually enhance and nurture individual creative expression.



      Enhanced economic development and workforce preparation

  • The Creative Economy, which includes industries such as architecture, graphic design, the arts, museums and the entertainment industry, relies upon people who can think creatively, adapt quickly to new situations and problem-solve. This industry, which is growing at a faster pace than total U.S. business growth, increases the demand for workers with the skills that are gained through the arts in education.

        Americans for the Arts, “Creative Industries 2005: The State Report,” Washington D.C., 2005. This report measures the scope and economic size of the arts in America.


      Improved performance in reading and math

  • Analysis of the National Educational Longitudinal Study (NELS:88) by University of California researchers shows a relationship between arts involvement and academic achievement, as indicated by better grades and improved standardized test performance. These findings are consistent for students from the lowest socio-economic quartile of the 25,000 students surveyed.

        James S. Catterall, “Involvement in the Arts and Success in Secondary School,” In Richard Deasy (Editor), “Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development,” Washington D.C. Arts             Education Partnership: 2002, 68-69.


      Improved student engagement and motivation in school

  • A summary of the studies in the Critical Links research compilation reveals a connection between the arts and increased student engagement and motivation, including improved attendance and educational aspirations.

       Highlights: “Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development,” (accessed February 10, 2006).


Research strongly suggests that young people who learn about and participate in the arts acquire skills that help them in decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork. An increasing number of studies also find that arts programs motivate children to learn, assisting in improving performance in core academic subjects. For some children, the arts provide the impetus to stay in school until graduation and, for others, the inspiration to pursue college education.


Art and Beyond, Inc. a non-profit organization based in Cedar Hill, Tx serves the community of the Greater Southwest Dallas, Texas area , (including but not limited to Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Red Oak and Desoto).  Art and Beyond, Inc. was founded in August 2009 upon recognizing an unsettling lack of activities and opportunities for art in the community.  The youth in our community are often denied art programs in school due to lack of funding and understaffing.  Our organization implements a well trained staff to provide numerous opportunities for the development of creative skills through art educational programs servicing the underprivileged and at risk youth of our community.


The teaching staff is highly educated professional artist that are expert instructors with exceptional class room management skills.  It is the goal of our organization to foster acceptance, appreciation, and understanding of art in our community’s youth resulting in lowering delinquent behavior and increasing academic achievement to build a strong foundation for future success. 


Art and Beyond, Inc. has successfully run programs since the beginning of the organization. With the generous help of donors and foundations our art programs have served approx. 3274 students since 2009.  The programs are specifically created to complement the limited art programs in private, charter and public schools.  The at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth in the community will benefit from the higher degrees of problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills that are involved in learning the arts.


Art and Beyond, Inc. strives to fulfill our mission through programs that provide students with a hands-on approach to art education.  Our organization seeks to educate, support, and inspire as many students as possible, and will not discriminate against anyone.  These programs will not only benefit many students, but foster lasting positive change in the community.  We will improve the quality of life for students in our community, enabling them to gain creative ability, knowledge, and appreciation. 


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