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We have served approximately 1567 students since 2009

Thanks to:

Genesis Inspiration Foundation, Texas Commission on the Arts, Communities Foundation, The Dallas Foundation, The Tap Root Fund, The Florence S. Ducey Foundation, Birdie Heartsough Frey Memorial Fund, BBVA, Chase, Target & Individual Donors!


With these grants and donations we are able to provide art educational programs for economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth to build a strong foundation for future success.  These programs expose our youth to art and creative expression that they would have not been able to experience due to the limited art programs in public schools. This gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a different, more positive light.


Research strongly suggests that young people who learn about and participate in the arts acquire skills that help them in decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork. An increasing number of studies also find that arts programs motivate children to learn, assisting in improving performance in core academic subjects. For some children, the arts provide the impetus to stay in school until graduation and, for others, the inspiration to pursue college education. 


You can contribute by signing up with Op4G (Opinions for Good), a market research company with a twist – you will be able to participate in paid activities, while providing additional funding to a Non-Profit of their choice!  It’s a win-win for us all.



•Members will be paid by participating in market research

•Just by signing up, new Members give us the opportunity to earn significant additional funding

•Sustainable funding for us every time a Member participates in paid activities, allowing us to maintain the programs we offer.


How to get started:


•Choose us as your supported Non-Profit

•Complete the short demographic questionnaire (your information will always be kept private and secure by Op4G)


Everyone everywhere is eligible to sign up – so please share this great opportunity with your friends, family, and colleagues!  We hope you consider becoming a Member of Op4G and selecting us as your supported Non-Profit!



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