Let your creative juices flow while you explore different techniques in various mediums such as fused glass, drawing, pastel, pottery, acrylic, mix media, found objects, & much more. Come explore the endless possibilities.

5 week After School Art Program


Fri.'s @ 1pm-4pm   Sat.'s @ 1pm-4pm

Sept. 17-Oct. 15             Sept. 18-Oct. 16

Oct. 22-Nov. 19              Oct. 23-Nov. 20

Dec. 3-Jan. 28                Dec. 4-Jan. 29

Feb. 4-Mar. 4                  Feb. 5-Mar. 5

Mar. 11-Apr. 15               Mar. 12-Apr. 16

May 6-Jun. 3                  May 7-Jun.4

Contact us @ 972-741-2589 if you would like to talk about additional After School Programs.

4 Day Spring Break Art Camp

2022 TBA

4 Day Summer Art Camps 

2022 TBA

These programs are aimed at inspiring the creativity in young students that are not normally exposed to art.  Art & Beyond, Inc. will be working with at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth ages 6-17 in the Greater Southwest Dallas area.  The programs will have no more than 10-12 students in each class.  This allows for each student to receive individual encouragement, and instruction, based on their own unique abilities.  Each student will explore their individual creative expression while expanding their skill set with many forms of art, including, but not limited to: fused glass, abstract art, ceramics/clay, portraiture, markers, mixed media, found objects, art with recycled materials, and mosaics. 


The programs are geared to serve those who have come from an underprivileged background, or are economically challenged.  These students meet the same financial criterion that the Dallas Independent School District uses to dispense free or reduced price lunches.   All the participants of our youth programs are selected by a financial needs basis for full or partial scholarships to accommodate all applications that are eligible leaving no child left behind.   


The goal of each program is to provide an environment for creativity and expression, as well as new skills, as taught by our instructors.  Our programs focus on hands on skill building using current equipment, supplies, and technology.  These programs will take place in a inspiring place affirming the value of art, and provide a physically and emotionally safe place for youth to engage in a positive experience.  The students will be given the opportunity to complete art projects that challenge them in the areas of problem solving and communication.  The completion of each project should also reinforce and expand the students skill set and self confidence.  By creating a curriculum, based on what is taught in academic schools, we want our students to see ideas and theories come full circle as they come to a deeper understanding of the materials used in their projects.          


Due to the students self-awareness, creativity, and confidence gained in these programs, we expect to lower delinquent behavior, and increase academic achievement to build a strong foundation for  our children’s future success.  It is our goal that our programs will reverse negative behavioral and educational trends by offering life and career enhancing learning opportunities for our communities youth in need.